Natalie Dwyer

Participating in Macgregor Consulting’s trauma training gave the team a deeper understanding of the presentations and impacts of trauma on children’s development. We have seen immense benefit in the implementation of the trauma-informed strategies that we have adopted from the training.

Mark Katz

Not realizing that children exposed to inescapable, overwhelming stress may act out their pain, that they may misbehave, not listen to us, or seek our attention in all the wrong ways, can lead us to punish these children for their misbehaviour. The behaviour is so wilful, so intentional.

Allan N. Schore

The future of our societies is in early human life. What human beings learn in their first interactions with other human beings, is central to the formation of self-concept, of self- regulation, of the ability to regulate internal bodily states, of the capacity for empathy, the ability to read the states of the mind of other human beings.