Parenting Programs

Helping parents be
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Parenting Programs

The following workshops are available for Early Learning Services who wish to host parent programs at their centre.

Calm Parents, Confident Kids

This series of three workshops aims to help parents become calmer and children become confident:

  1. Connecting with Your Children.
  2. Calming Yourself and Your Children.
  3. Emotion Coaching to Build Resilience.
Circle of Security Parenting Program

An award-winning eight-session program that builds security to help your child enjoy more happiness, better relationships, stronger problem-solving skills and, most of all, a strengthened relationship with you.

Tanya Pasalich

Parent Educator, Sydney

Tanya Pasalich brings warmth, passion and heart to every moment of her work as a facilitator of programs for parents and educators.  

Tanya delivers the Circle of Security Parenting Program, and Calm Parents, Confident Kids which emphasise the importance of attachment, better child-parent relationships and tools to help children manage emotions and build resilience.  She also facilitates Circle of Security in the Classroom to early childhood educators so they can provide children with the emotional support they need to develop and safely explore their world. Tanya began her career as a caseworker supporting women escaping domestic violence and discovered her passion for family support work and coaching parents. Since 2016, she has facilitated dozens of parenting groups, bringing skills, warmth, a trauma-informed approach and sensitivity to the needs of diverse communities.

Accreditations and Degrees

Diploma of Counselling

Diploma of Community Services

Circle of Security Parenting Facilitator

Circle of Security in the Classroom Facilitator

‘Seasons for Growth’ Children and Young People’s Program Companion

Dr Bruce Perry 3

To the newborn, love is action; it is the attentive, responsive, nurturing care that adults provide.

Dr Bruce Perry

Erin Clarke

The mentorship through learning circles and my own supervision with Beth mean that we are able to seek clarification on areas that we are finding challenging.

Erin Clarke
Centre Director / Great Beginnings Bathurst

Daniel J. Siegel

For a child or an adult, it’s extremely powerful to hear someone say, “I get you. I understand. I see why you feel this way.”

Daniel J. Siegel

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