The work you do matters.

There is hope.

Macgregor Consulting

We help change the lives of children and families by empowering and supporting individuals and organisations to build deep, positive connections.

Together—with early, evidence-based interventions—we’re uplifting communities across Australia today and for future generations.

Our Programs

Professional development offered in-service, in-centre and in-school, one-to-one, small or large groups and virtual.

For those who work with at-risk and vulnerable children, children with challenging behaviours and families, our services have become a lifeline—giving professionals critical understanding, practical strategies and meaningful reflection to make a difference for years to come. The results start on day one.


Creating space for reflection, inspiration, wellbeing and professional growth.


Supporting teams to navigate specific challenges, improve practice and reach goals.


Teaching new frameworks for understanding and responding to the needs of children and families.

Who We Help

We guide those who work in early learning services, schools, women’s refuges, family support and health services so they can help children and families experiencing adversity  and trauma to build resilience and thrive.


Child Protection

Early Childhood

OSHC Educators

Domestic Violence

Family Support


Dr Bruce Perry 4

Belonging and being loved are core to the human experience.

Dr Bruce Perry

Robyn Gobbel

Curiosity begins the path towards behaviour change and must remain our ever-present co-pilot.

Robyn Gobbel

Dr Bruce Perry

Belonging and being loved are core to the human experience.

Dr Bruce Perry

Daniel J. Siegel

For a child or an adult, it’s extremely powerful to hear someone say, “I get you. I understand. I see why you feel this way.”

Daniel J. Siegel

Erin Clarke

Everyone is looking for a “magic wand” in terms of behaviour management… Beth and team are as close to a magic wand as you will find.

Erin Clarke


Explore our collection of some of the most effective (and free) guides that we’ve come across.

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Conscious Discipline

Marte Meo

Parenting Resources

Childhood Trauma

Domestic Violence

Podcasts and Webinars with Beth

Collaborative Problem Solving

Child Development & Wellbeing

Mindfulness for Teachers & Students

Trauma-Informed Education and Care

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