Susan Cole

With the help of educators, traumatized children can flourish in their school communities and master the educational tasks of childhood, despite their overwhelmingly stressful experiences. This requires school environments that support staff, parents, and children, and that recognize and respond to the effects childhood trauma can have on children’s learning and behaviour.

Liam McNicholas

I regularly hear from the educators and leaders who work in Northside’s Early Childhood Centres how highly they regard the support from Beth Macgregor. The work of the early education is sector is so complex and specific that it can be extremely challenging to find professionals from outside the sector that either value or understand the work of those teams.

Sarah Wilcox

We engaged with Macgregor Consulting when we opened our education and care centres in the ACT in 2019 provide supervision to some of our leadership team. These supervision sessions not only help our employees feel supported and heard, but empowered and equipped to tackle the challenges that we may face daily. This has been transformational, and we noticed the positive impact immediately.